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Cosmedink offers fibroplasma/plasmablast and a wide range of cosmetic and paramedical tattooing, also known as permanent makeup (PMU). These services deliver many benefits to men and women over the age of 18. The ability to semi-permanently enhance your appearance, while achieving a natural look, holds much appeal. Fibroplasma can be a great alternative to some cosmetic injectables without the need of chemicals.  Cosmetic tattoos can be helpful for a range of reasons. For the leading cosmetic tattoo and Fibroplamasma clinic in North Ward, Townsville, book an appointment with CosMedink.

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Natural-Looking Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos are designed to enhance your natural facial features and need to fade as the face changes. What suits you today may not suit you in three years' time. For example, if your eyebrow tattoo lasts forever, as your eyes droop so will your eyebrows. If the tattoo fades you can achieve a lift when you have your eyebrows re-tattooed. Cosmetic tattoos, therefore, use a pigment rather than ink. The pigments come in softer tertiary colours which is important because subtlety is key in cosmetic tattooing.


Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing has many benefits on the surface level and even deeper than that. It can save you time and restore your confidence.

Are Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments Natural or Safe?

People often ask if cosmetic tattoo pigments are natural, but I believe what they really should ask is if they are safe. After all, the most dangerous poisons in the world are natural. We also don't want to tax our natural resources to decorate ourselves.

Natural ingredients and vegetable pigments or food colouring are not considered safe as they can provoke an allergic reaction. For this reason, cosmetic tattoo pigments are often synthetic. There are, however, two types of pigments that are used:

  • Organic pigments, made from lakes pigments

  • Inorganic pigments, made from iron and zinc oxides

3D Realism Tattooing for Breast Surgeries

We can restore the look of natural-looking areolas following breast cancer reconstruction with 3D Realism tattooing. Often, other cosmetic breast surgeries leave undesirable scarring, areola pigment loss, and asymmetry. Using artistry and technology, we can improve and complement your cosmetic surgery results.

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